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“Hulk” talk

So the game we’ve been laughing about in our minds involves the Hulk having to be the Hulk in every day situations. Loose Scene based – game/short form. The Hulk would be put into an every day boring situation. He would have to preface every sentence with the word “Hulk,” essentially creating a situation where Hulk talks in 3rd person. The climax of the scene would be when Hulk gets angry/frustrated and says, “Hulk Smash!”


Every day situation – doing homework

Mother: Hulk, hurry up and finish your homework.

Hulk: Hulk tired.

Mother: If you want to go out and play before the sun goes down you need to finish your homework.

Hulk: Hulk play, finish later.

Mother: No, Hulk. You need to do your homework first.

Hulk: Hulk hate homework. Hulk Smash!


It’s silly but depending on the Hulk character, it could be fun, it is in my mind.


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  1. This reminds me of a game that my former troupe members and I used to play. We called it “Cos-prov.” Someone would give us a suggestion of an item and that person would have to give a Bill Cosby-like speech. Key phrases we’d often use were:
    – “You know, Rudeee.”
    – “Theo… daww!”
    – “And you poo and you pee pee”
    – “Y’see.”
    – “And remember boy, I am your father.”
    – “But that wasn’t enough, was it Rudee!”

    The style in which we’d impersonate Bill Cosby wasn’t so accurate to the real actor, as much as it was a homage to the short lived animated series: “House of Cosbys.”

    Actually, now that I typed it up… it isn’t much like the Hulk game at all. I just wanted to share since I miss improv games. Thanks for letting me comment.



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